Fidelity Bank Plc has introduced several talent development initiatives to bolster its employees’ competence and ensure they are adequately prepared for the evolving banking landscape.

The bank had recently commenced what it called, Policy Familiarization Program and Project Alpha.
Through these programmes, aimed at building a knowledgeable and versatile staff network, the bank said it has systematically trained all categories of staff, turning their employees into subject matter experts in all areas of business.
“At all levels of these programmes, the bank provides the necessary support and data needed by its staff and at the end of each training, it assesses employees to ensure understanding and internalisation of the principles,” it stated.
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Bank, Mrs. Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe said: “Abraham Lincoln is famously quoted as saying he would spend four out of six hours given to cut down a tree to sharpen his axe. This aptly summarises our position as an organisation when it comes to developing the competence of our staff.
For us at Fidelity Bank, talent development is not only non-negotiable; it is a critical factor in the success of our business even in the short term. Consequently, we will continue to introduce diverse initiatives to ensure our workforce remain adequately equipped with the right skills to deliver on our goals.”
She added, “To ensure effective knowledge transfer, Fidelity Bank has increased the retirement age of staff with the aim of providing a deep reservoir of knowledge and experience for younger employees to draw from and mentorship for accelerated growth.
This move also ensures a seamless transfer of the much-needed skills and experience that have helped older staff navigate the ever-evolving banking system.”

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