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L-R: Tejumade Salami, Head of Business Excellence, The Adrenalina; Chukwuerika Achum, CEO; Ayodele Arowosegbe, Marketing Consultant; and Hilda Edet, Head of Customer Service Excellence/Host of Voltzz Podcast, at the launch of The Adrenalina, a coworking space centered around entrepreneurship, in Lagos.


Enterprise-based Coworking outfit, The Adrenalina, has launched its operations in Lagos with facilities and initiatives targeted at driving the growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Africa by providing support for young people to create, operate, and grow their businesses.

The Adrenalina provides working spaces and collaborative opportunities for entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers on a subscription basis, amongst other services. Facilities include workspaces, conference rooms, virtual assistants, a mini lounge, a state of the arts production studio, and cutting-edge internet connectivity, provided by Elon Musk’s Starlink.

At its official launch, held recently at its cozy office in Yaba, Lagos, the company also expressed its commitment to the capacity development of young Africans.

According to CEO, Chukwuerika Achum, the Adrenalina is creating an environment where budding creatives and entrepreneurs can freely work, innovate and collaborate.

“Africa is the next frontier for economic development, and its teeming youths are the key to the actualization of a prosperous future. Therefore, we want to enhance the capacity of these young people to create and grow businesses.”

“We are seeking to de-risk the process of setting up a business, by taking off the burden of capital requirements such as infrastructure and regulatory requirements. We are also providing financial structuring, helping business to get structured into entities that can access financing,” Achum added.

He also added that the company has future plans to expand to other cities in Africa.

“We are not just building a business, we are creating an ecosystem that constantly delivers value to our community as well as the public,” said Tejumade Salami, head of Business excellence.

L-R: Tejumade Salami, Head of Business  Excellence, The Adrenalina; Chukwuerika Achum, CEO; and Ayodele Arowosegbe, Marketing Consultant; at the launch of the Adrenalina, a coworking space centred around entrepreneurship in Lagos.

According to Salami, the Adrenalina has rolled out a series of initiatives to educate and entertain. These include series of events and trainings, a newsletter, and a periodic podcast called Voltzzzz.

Voltzz is a 30-minute interactive podcast that features celebrities from various fields discussing relevant topics. It can be accessed on digital hosting platforms such as Sound Cloud, and via the social media.

“With Voltzzz, we are creating a social space to contribute positively to trending issues in the society,” said Hilda Edet, Podcast co-host and head of Customer Service Excellence.

“The discussions are not limited to the podcasts because members of our online community are also encouraged to participate. Through this we can receive feedback on our operations,” Edet added.

According to Ayodele Arowosegbe, Marketing Consultant for the outfit, the Adrenalina will serve as an incubator for startups springing up in Nigeria.

“As Africa attempts to emerge as a competitive economic powerhouse, the continent has become a hub for start-ups. The Adrenalina is poised to help facilitate this transformation,” said Arowosegbe.

Investment into the African tech startup ecosystem passed the US$3 billion mark in 2022. According to Statista, Nigeria has the highest number of startups on the continent, numbering over 3,360 in 2022.


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