Son Harasses Bank Manager Over Father Going Naked In Banking Hall | The Legend News

A Bank Manager has been harassed and manhandled by some men who accused her of not dispensing money to their father, resulting in his going naked and crying in the banking hall.

The Eagle Online recalls that the man, whose son led the harassment of the Manager, was seen in a viral video.

In the video, the man went naked, crying to be given access to his money.

In the latest video showing the harassment of the female Bank Manager, one of those who attacked her claimed to be the son of the man who went naked.

According to the son, his father was in the bank to withdraw N5,000 but was not attended to by the female Bank Manager.

In retaliation, the men waited for her on a street she passes.

The men, who spoke Igbo language, vandalised and removed the tyres of the banker’s car.

An onlooker who recorded the video was heard in the background saying that bankers are receiving their punishment one after the other.

The banker was left in distress as she begged people to come to her aid, but nobody interfered as onlookers just stood staring at them.

At a point, the banker challenged the men and asked them if she was her bank and the Central Bank of Nigeria.

She then gave someone her phone to film the incident, but the phone was snatched by one of the men attacking her.

A travel bag in her car was also taken by the attackers alongside other valuables.

When she realised that nobody was going to come to her aid, she started crying and telling them that they will kill her as the held the cloth of one of the men.

It will be recalled that the Central Bank of Nigeria on January 29, 2023 announced a 10-day extension of the deadline for the acceptance of old naira notes as legal tender after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari in Daura, Katsina State.

The Governor of the CBN, Godwin Emefiele, made the announcement.

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