Prophet Iginla Reveals why There is Wind of Change in Zambia- The Legend News


The General Overseer of Royal Champions Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has send a very important message to the nation of Zambia ahead of their general election, which will take place on August 12, 2021.

Prophet Iginla has urged the nation of Zambia to prioritize peace above any other things in their forthcoming election. “As a prophet, God has given us a mandate and our mandate is to intercede for nations. Zambia is a great nation and by August 12, they will be having their election. One of the things we want to see is peace because the election is very important and crucial to the citizens of Zambia,” he said

The clergyman also appealed to all the presidential candidates to make sure the election is peaceful. “To all the participants in the election, the peace of Zambia is important. If there is peace the economy will boom and we’ll be able to eradicate corruption and poverty, but when there is relentless and there is no peace, then we will have problem. If  people vote you out, accept it in good faith and history and posterity will write your name on a placard of gold. There is no need for hate speech at this time, the most important part of this election is to have peace after the election,” Prophet Iginla said.

He further added that any candidate who is elected should avoid witch-hunting and focused more why he is brought into power. “There is no need to witch-hunt anybody, the most important thing is to eradicate poverty, inequality and deal with corruption that befalls most African countries and even developed nations. So, I want to plead with the leaders and game players in this election to know that, whatever we do after this election will either make Zambia or break Zambia. The people of Zambia are more important than every single individual,” Prophet Iginla said.

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