Pay Your Children’s School Fees, Stop Living Fake Life, Babymama Drags Singer Lanre Teriba Atorise On Social Media- The Legend News

A Facebook user, Diamond Gold, who claims to have children with gospel singer, Lanre Teriba Atorise has called him out on social media for allegedly not paying the fees for their children.
In a lengthy post, Diamond Gold shared private messages, school bills, videos and pictures about their relationship.
She described Atorise as living fake life while narrating how he struggled for 18 months for her to say yes to his love proposal.
Diamond Gold said a lot, below is her post:
Have been silent for so long but i wouldn’t allow you destroy the future of my kids…YES..This man came to my life with all righteousness and changed me to a celestial which i regret Lanre teriba Atorise the father of my kids is so irresponsible and lives fake life.
Anyone that knows me well will know have been through alot of shit growing up and i made sure i was still responsible and decent Have never been a lazy girl cause i love good things of life and i chase my needs and leave my wants to God.
Have been suffering with a rich man of 7years cause i don’t jus understand how God created me cause all my life am always faithful to fools it took Atorise 1year 6month to have a date with me. He acted all nice and declined me of traveling out with my client to America before the kids and after the kids that’s how foolish i could be for a man .
The gist naw is not the past but the present. Lanre teriba Atorise ddn’t know how my first kid diamond started school …I had to borrow money to enroll him at 3 when i was tired of waiting for Lanre . I took him to social welfare when the relationship wasn’t work with my mental state anymore ,he refuse to go last year before he turn up this year may and started lying to my face and said he wanted to take a 3years old and 2years old to public school …who does that???
For four month naw we have been separated and i felt that will make him take care of his kids …No Lanre said he wouldn’t pay school fees cause i left him and he didn’t until they sent them out of school today after asking people to beg him,social welfare officers begged him also last week. Am here to beg all his fans and people connected to him here to beg him to pay the kids school fees and stop living fake life”.
Credit: Facebook | Diamond Gold

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