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The Ogoniland Liberation Initiative (OLI) has pledged to cooperate with the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) on oil exploration and production in the Oil Mining Lease (OML) 11.

Under the auspices of the OLI, the leaders of Ogoniland made this pledge during the Ogoni Liberation Day ceremony, which was held on Tuesday in Bori.

In attendance at the event was the Managing Director of NPDC, Mr Mohammed Ali-Zarah.

The Convener and leader of the Ogoni Liberation Initiative, Rev. Douglas Fabeke, who spoke at the event, pledged that the people of Ogoniland would cooperate with the NPDC following the Court of Appeal for the judgement confirming NPDC as the valid operator of OML 11.

“The Ogoni people are ready for oil and gas business in the land to entrench development in partnership with the NNPC and the Federal Government of Nigeria through a transformed template and practical community development delivered by the host communities,” Fabeke said.

“The Ogoni people will not work under any political manipulation that will affect the development and smooth operation in the land without capturing the interest of the people,” he added.

In his remarks, Mr Mohammed Ali-Zarah said, “Indeed, this is a clear testimonial and demonstration of the strong cordial relationship that has existed between us over the years. This, for us, is our social license to operate in this peace-loving community”.

“As a viable partner, we would join you to pursue the greater good of our people and the nation. We stand with you and would work with you to achieve this within the shortest possible time,” he said.

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