Meet Marie, The Woman Who Got Married To Twins- The Legend News


A woman by the name Marie left many in shock after getting married to two men whom she claims to have been dating without the knowledge that they were twins.
According to Marie, she had been dating one man but he ended dating two men because she was not aware that the man he had been dating had a twin.

The whole family was shocked when they realized that Marie had been dating two different men who are twins. They were asked to choose who would marry Marie, but they both chose to marry her.

Many people were shocked and condemned their relationship but with time they got used to it and they no longer get amazed.

It’s been two years and they claim they are happily married and they are planning to get their first born soon and they also wish for their first born to be twins.

Marie loves the two brothers and she has urged people to follow their heart when they are choosing a partner to marry.

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