Lagos Resumes Administration Of Second Dose Of Astrazeneca Covid Vaccine  on Monday- The Legend News

Gov. Sanwo-Olu

The Lagos State government has announced administration of second dose of AstraZeneca COVID vaccine will commence on Monday 30th August, 2021.

In statement make available to Nationalsketch by Primary Healthcare Board On Behalf Of The Lagos State Governnent on Sunday says only citizens who have taken the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine and are due for the second dose.

To Access Second Dose of AstraZeneca Vaccine,eligible citizens should proceed to vaccination sites where they received their first dose to get their second jab as scheduled on their vaccination card.

It’s said no need for E-registration for this exercise, eligible persons are only required to come along with their vaccination card.

Meanwhile, the exercise will only last for 20 days, beginning from Monday 30th, August to Friday 24th September, 9.00am to 3.00pm (Weekdays, Monday – Friday Only)

The ministry urged citizens to desist from mixing one brand of vaccine with another brand in this second dose exercise is not allowed. Those who have received *AstraZeneca* as first dose *MUST* receive *AstraZeneca* as second dose. While those who have received *Moderna* as first dose will only receive *Moderna* as second dose when due.

AstraZeneca, Moderna and other COVID vaccines are highly effective against serious illness and death from COVID variants including DELTA!

Get all recommended vaccine doses to develop maximum protection.

The Vaccines are safe and effective.
Get vaccinated today to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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