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Actress Chioma


Fast-rising actress, Chioma Okoye has reiterated that there are limits to what she can do for the camera.

In an encounter with Saturday Sun, the light-skinned screen diva insisted she wouldn’t play some roles no matter how enticing the fee could be. “There are some roles I would not take no matter the amount of money attached to it. I can’t act being naked in any form or being kissed horribly. I am not saying I can’t get kissed because that’s mostly what they act these days, but such scripts should be given to me days or weeks before acting. Also, I can’t act inside a coffin or allow my photo to appear on obituary posters because I am still alive,” she says.

Ms Okoye, however, lamented that her major challenges in Nollywood are sexual advances from randy producers. “The major challenges I have in Nollywood are sexual requests from randy producers. They come indirectly but I am no longer a child, I should be able to tell what a man wants. Asking you to be his girlfriend while also asking hundreds of girls at the same time is to me a terrible thing. So, copping with sexual harassments has not been easy at all. My stay in Abuja was hell, it’s like everybody wanted the same thing. At a point, it became a prayer point for me that people should see the real me and nothing else. I don’t need just a man or husband, I need a best friend, someone that will love my family as his own, especially my dad.”


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