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Cotonou born Yoruba actress, Eniola Modupeola Odunsi has condemned the arrest of the leader of Yoruba nation agitators, Chief Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho by the government of Benin Republic.
The actress, who celebrated her birthday  on July 25th 2021 in Nigeria said this during an interview session with Gbolahan Adetayo.

When she was asked about her views on  Sunday Igboho’s moves on Yoruba nation, she said, “Sunday igboho is like a God sent to the Yoruba people but unfortunately  we are yet to get to the promise land.  I can see that Nigerians doesn’t like themselves especially the Yoruba people, but I know that God will definitely intervene. The issue is very simple. This tribe wish to break out of the country called Nigeria, in my opinion, the wish should be granted.
Let’s ask ourselves this simple question, the Southern States and Northern States of Nigeria, are we in the same country? The answer is “NO”. A bag of rice in the north is very cheap, same thing with a bag of cement, meanwhile we pay triple to get the same products here in the Yoruba land. Alot of things in this country favours the north which is obviously the reason they will never want the Yoruba or Igbo to breakout. Don’t forget that Igboho isn’t a criminal in Nigeria, he’s a warrior (Ajijagbara)”.
When we further asked her to share her opinion on the fake passport allegation filed against Sunday Igboho in Benin Republic, Modupeola further narrated that, “It’s a big offence in my country if such occurred and the immigration gets to know.
I believe God will take control because of his love to the Yoruba land. As a citizen of Benin Republic, it is not easy at all to get your international passport in my country, unlike Nigeria that you can visit any immigration office and do your international passport within two weeks. No security, no integrity in Nigeria, corruption everywhere. When I wanted to do my international passport in Benin Republic, I went through alot of stress. Thank God I was born in the country not in Nigeria, it took me more than three months before I could get it.

I submitted all the documents requested for, unlike Nigeria that you will get to the immigration office and your passport will be ready almost immediately without having a tangible evidence to indicate that you are truly from Nigeria. Just write something and give them money and all will be done without any investigation about you. This is why so many things are happening in Nigeria. In Benin, they will go to the hospital where you were born, your local government and all that to investigate if you are truly the son or daughter of the soil.
They will see your parents before the process of your international passport can start. Two of my younger ones who were born in Nigeria but schooled in Benin Republic are yet to get their passports as we speak, they were told to bring their parents because they need to ask them the reason they were born in Nigeria rather than Benin Republic. The following are things needed before your passport can be processed: 1) Copie d’acte de naissance légalisée.
English, birth certificate.
2) Copie légalisée de la carte d’identité nationale.
English, National identity card.
3) 8 photos identité format Passport.
English”,8 passport photography.
4) Certificat de résidence.
English”, certificate of residence. Those are the requirements for our international passport and it’s will take three months before it’s come out. My prayer is that Sunday Igboho should be released but I don’t want him to be released to the Nigerian government. Even some Yoruba people want him dead, how I wish my country Benin Republic can adopt him because Nigerians especially Yoruba don’t know the value of the guy.
In our country, we love we don’t hate, only Nigerians hates themselves. The Fulani are killing Yoruba, no leader from Yoruba land including the traditional rulers could stand against it, Igboho stood up and yet no support for him. My advise is that Nigerians should get their voter’s card ready and vote wisely in 2023.


This government is not the type we prayed for. Virtually all the under age girls are now into prostitution while men are involving in series of illegal businesses because of money. The leaders we have in Nigeria now has failed our generation”, she said.

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