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APRIL FOOL: Alibaba Announces Birth Of Triplets With 55-Year-Old Wife, Many News Platform  Pulled It Down | The Legend News 

– Alibaba and his Triplets : A Joke Taken Too Far?

Popular standup comedian, Atunyota Akpobome, better known as Alibaba might have taken many for a ride with his posting about he and his wife welcoming a set of triplets.

Platforms Africa reports that the news went viral on April 1 with major news outlets reporting it.

After waiting for a rebuttal from Ali Baba or a confirmation that the posting was just an April 1 matter ( April fool joke) many latched on to it and posted it.

However some news outlets including The Punch have pulled down the story suspecting that Ali Baba may have taken his trade to another level.

The post earlier published but later pulled by news outlets read;

Atunyota Akpobome, the ace comedian better known as Alibaba, and Mary Akpobome, his wife, have welcomed a set of triplets.

Alibaba announced the arrival of the newborns in a post on his Instagram page on Monday.

All of them are males.

He disclosed that the triplets arrived two months ago and have been named Aaron, Alexander, and Aandrew.

His post read:

“Mary and I are happy and overjoyed to welcome our 3 sons, Aaron, Alexander, and Aandrew, into the Akpobome family.

“It’s been 2 months since they arrived, and as the days go by, we thanh God Almighty for these 3 beautiful blessings.

“We also want to thank our sisters, brothers, friends, uncles, and aunties for all the support so far.

“We appreciate and thank you immensely for all your prayers, love, best wishes, and gifts.

“As we celebrate the essence of the Resurrection power in this period of Easter, we join our faith with yours and pray that things of joy will never be far from you.

“God will make all that needs to arise, to Arise in your favour in this Holy period of reawakening.

“On behalf of the Akpobomes, again, thank you.”


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