VIDEO: Man caught after Stealing over 50 Fowl and Phones,Tied to a Pole | The Legend News


28-year-old man, Great Karim, was arrested and nearly set ablaze by residents of hiphMankessim after he was caught stealing over 50 fowl at 5 AM on November 29.

Speaking on SVTV AFRICA with DJ Nyaami, DJ Omega stated that  according to eyewitnesses, the suspect had stolen over 50 fowls from different hen coups but was caught while entering another hen coup to steal more.

Some residents who spotted the suspect quietly monitored him as he was stealing and raised an alarm. It drew the attention of other residents who rushed onto the scene and helped in his arrest. Others identified Great Karim as the infamous fowl thief they have been looking for.

DJ Omega indicated that the residents tied him to an electricity pole and flogged him as others called for the suspect to be burnt alive, but that was not heeded.

Instead, they kept him tied to the pole until 8 AM.
He is currently in Police custody at Mankessim.

28-Year-Old Man Tièd To A Pole For Hours For Stèáling Over 50 Fowls, Phones, etc


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