See What Mortuary Attendants Saw When They Removed The Late Trans Woman’s Clothes | The Legend News

     It was recently reported that an active choir member of the St. John’s Catholic Church Rumuolumeni, Iwofe, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Emmanuella Adaolisa who nobody knew was a transgender woman registered as a man after birth, had died in an accident. During an interview with BBC News the mortuary attendants who took care of her dead body revealed the first thing they saw when they removed her clothes.

According to them, they wanted to be sure that the body which the church’s Catechist and some members of the church deposited was actually that of a woman because of the shocking discovery they made after taking off her clothes.

The mortuary attendants revealed that when they took off her clothes to properly examine her dead body they discovered that she was wearing 4 boxers. This was strange and after they removed all 4 boxers that was when they saw that she was a transgender.

They said, “We discovered she was transgender when we removed her clothes. We saw she was wearing four boxers and after removing all of them we saw her real gender”.

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