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Prime Video Hosts Celebrities, High Society At Funke Akindele’s ‘SHE MUST BE OBEYED’ Premiere | The Legend News

    Online streaming giant, Prime Video, on Wednesday, hosted celebrities and Nollywood superstars to a night of glitz and glamour to celebrate the premiere of Funke Akindele’s latest project, a mini-drama series called ‘She must be obeyed”.

Held at the Filmhouse Imax cinemas, Lekki, invited guests turned up in large numbers at the premiere of the much anticipated five-part mini-series which would start showing tomorrow, September 29.

The management of the company had, last week, released a statement announcing the new drama series featuring Funke Akindele as lead actor and others in the drama.


Prime Video hosts celebrities, high society at Funke Akindele’s ‘She must be obeyed’ premiere
Funke Akindele, Jjcskillz partner to direct their new movie project
Funke Akindele headlines Prime Video mini-series ‘SHE Must Be Obeyed’

‘She must be obeyed’ is a captivating five-part mini-series delving into the intriguing world of stardom and secrets, featuring a stellar cast led by Funke Akindele, Lateef Adedimeji, Nancy Isime, Akah Anani, Patience Ozokwo, Mike Ezuronye, Rachael Okonkwo, among others.

Responding to journalists at the event, Funke Akindele, who played the lead character of ‘She’ in the new series said, “Synopsis? I will not let the cat out of the bag but ‘She must be obeyed’ is all about a character called ‘She’ and how she wants to remain on the top not minding whoever is hurt, nor who is trampled upon.

“She the character is very condescending, and a bully. In any sector, you have bullies everywhere as long as there is a hierarchy.

“The series ‘She must be obeyed’ centers on the competition in the entertainment industry, the music industry and we decided to work on Afrobeats, you know Afrobeats is from Africa, from Nigeria and we have to explore what we have.

“So in ’She must be obeyed’, you get to see competition, drama, fashion, music, all put into one.

“Also we had to showcase what young talents go through. They are very hungry to be seen. They want to showcase their talents, unfortunately, they do not study their contract, and they do not get lawyers or family members that are experienced to educate them.

“All these things affect them and at the end of the day, they get to sign the wrong contracts. All these you get to see in ‘She must be obeyed’.

Asked further about what she thinks, as a veteran in the Lagos State film community, that young artistes can do to be better protected, Funke Akindele urged young and emerging artistes to be very careful.

“Like I said, that is why we co-opted content that affects young artistes. That is why we came up with ‘She must be obeyed’. When they watch it, I am sure they will be very careful. Young artistes need to be educated, we need to organise a lot of seminars, and workshops for them to let them know that they are very important.

“Yes, you will be seen but you have to get through the obstacles. This is how we have been able to achieve ‘She must be obeyed’,” she said.

Essentially, as witnessed at the preview of the mini-series in Lagos on Wednesday night, it is certain that Amazing Prime Video continues its tradition of providing enlivening content with ‘She must be obeyed’ as its latest offering.

According to the organisation, the series offers a window into the lives of three successful music stars, unveiling the cut-throat rivalries and backstabbing activities they engage in, all in an effort to outshine one another and protect their top positions in the game.

L-R - Mike Ezuronye, Patience Ozokwo, Akah Nnani, Adunni Ade, Okon, Waje, Funke Akindele, Nancy Isime, Veeiye, Lizzy jay, Tobi Williams

“Trust Funke Akindele as an embodiment of poignant role interpretation, she commands the spotlight as ‘She’, Siyanbola Adewale, a thriving artiste whose public humility conceals a realm of avarice, hubris, and machiavellian schemes. Apart from movie stars mentioned above, Waje, who knows all about navigating the Nigerian music industry, is among the cast along with BBNaija star, Veeiye.

“Thinking about high drama, unyielding ambition and unbridled passion fueling the obsession with fame, ‘SHE Must Be Obeyed’ is your front-row ticket. And this serving comes with a generous dose of comedy, moving dialogue and impressive cinematography.

“Produced by SceneOne Entertainment, this exclusive series explores the hidden scenes behind the spotlight. And what better time for such spell-binding content than now?” an executive from Prime Video concluded.

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