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By Isaac Daniel


Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun and other dignitaries that paid visit to the family of late General Oladipo Diya on Monday have extolled the virtues of the former Chief of General Staff.

The State Governor has described the deceased as a worthy son of Ogun State and noted that the state would take over the burial of Diya and plan with his family to give him a befitting burial.

Speaking about the life and times of General Diya who was also a former governor of Ogun State, Prince Abiodun said, “If you take a look at his career, antecedents, his person, he was an exemplary soldier, he was extremely cerebral and that is one of tbe many attributes that he is known for. He was very humble, gentleman, a good soldier and a worthy Christian. He was a great father, a dotting husband to his wife and a man of many parts.

“At a point in time, he was the Vice president of Nigeria. One of the lessons that can be learnt from life and times of General Oladipo Diya, is that when God is with you and your trust and faith is in God. Man can sentence you but God will uphold you. We can see that God upheld him and he lived for many years after that sentence. For me that is the take away that I can get from the life and times of this gentleman, a soldier and illustrious son of Ogun State in whom we are very pleased.

“His contribution to Ogun State will be remembered for many many years. The least we can do is to support his family and take over the burial and set up a committee comprising of the cabinet and members of the family to give our departed son a befitting burial,” the governor said.

Senator Anthony Adefuye, a third republic senator has commended the courage of the late General and described as a man with a man with seven lives.

The senator who said he became a friend to Diya noted that he would have died in the hands of Abacha, if not for the late Genera.

“His life is not a secret as it is known to all. A lot of people misunderstood him completely. All he did was to offer himself to have peace. He saved our lives. During the struggle for June 12, he stood on the side of the people. If not for Gen Diya , I won’t be alive because he pleaded for my life when I was invited for execution. He was the one who pleaded for me from being executed.

“He was a man with seven lives more than seven self. There was an incident when they wanted to bomb his plane. They took him for execution, just that they couldn’t kill him, the day they were suppose to execute him abacha died a day before that day also, He aligned stroke three times and i think its God sign that God kept him alive.

“What i will want people to learn from him is that he is a family man, he is a religious man when you see him at home he is different from the powerful Diya you know outside. He was always playing with his grandchildren, always going to the church and keep account of the church as if he is just an ordinary person. He lived an ordinary man after his retirement i think everyone should learn from that. I will remember him for his straight forwardness, honesty, and he was a man of integrity he doesn’t care what you gain as far as the right is done you are his friend,” says Adefuye

Mr Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, former Minister of State for Mines and Steel Development.Minister has mourned the loss of the late General saying that he should not have djed at this time when Nigeria need him. He said he respects his so much as he was a man that believed in the entity called Nigeria and will be missed dearly.

Late General Donaldson Oladipo Oyeyinka Diya died early on Sunday, March 26, 2023 at his house at Ikeja GRA at the age of 79.


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