Cemeteries Are Flooded, Dead Bodies Are Floating On The Streets Of Bayelsa And Delta, we need leadership and help -Oseni Rufai~The Legend News 

Nigerian journalist, Oseni Rufai has suggested that the federal government declare a state of emergency due to recent flooding that has affected most states in Nigeria. In a tweet recently made by the journalist, he suggested that the ongoing presidential campaign should be put to a temporary halt to tackle the natural disaster.

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Speaking on the devastation caused by the flood, he alleged that dead bodies are floating on the streets of Bayelsa and Delta State due to the effect of the flood on cemeteries. He said that what the country currently needs is leadership and help.

His tweet reads;

“I think a state of emergency on the floods should be declared and campaigns should cease! A sizable part of the country is flooded, cemeteries were flooded and buried corpses floating on the streets in Bayelsa and Delta. This is a disaster, we need leadership and help!”

The ongoing flooding disaster has affected most parts of the Niger Delta region including some middle belt states and it also stretches to some northern states in the country. According to reports, hundreds of lives have been lost so far and multiple thousands of people are left homeless as a result of the flood.


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      we don’t have government in this Nigeria

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